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I'm a pretty high-tech guy...one of the things that frustrates me to no end is when manufacturers make it incredibly difficult to find basic things like software downloads for a product. BCDx36HP is a prime example of this.

If I go to the product page.... www.uniden.com/scanner/id-BCD436HP/BCD436HP_HomePatrol_Series_Scanner

I should see a link to download the software. There is only a link to the Uniden Support site.

If you go to the Uniden Support site, then browse to the section on Scanners, I should see a link there. But no...not here... support.uniden.com/scanners/

Even if you go to the page for either the BCD436HP or BDC536HP...no link! Just one that takes to a page where Paul shows you how to install the software.


And the most pathetic??? The Uniden Scanner PC Programming Software Download page shows zero (0) results!


Where did I finally find it? At the bottom of this page...in a section that is collapsed by default.


Uniden...get your act together and learn how to build a proper support portal!

Just an example...if I go to Butel Software, I can find their product in 2 clicks. What's Uniden's excuse?]]>
BCDx36HP Sentinel Discussion Thu, 08 Jun 2017 01:46:13 +0000