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TOPIC: Radio System Information Feedback Sticky

Radio System Information Feedback Sticky 28 Jul 2010 10:27 #46

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The main database in HomePatrol-1 is derived from the database. This database is the largest collection of radio system data available anywhere. Most of the information in that database has been submitted by folks who have invested their personal time and efforts into monitoring and logging the systems in their area.

Every day that database gets better, thanks to the efforts of the listening community.

Of course, a couple of factors can contribute to information not being quite what it should be:

  • Radio systems themselves change continuously.
  • Database administrators and contributors are human, and do occasionally make mistakes

You can help! If you note incorrect radio system information, post it to this forum. We will work with RadioReference to verify radio system information and update the database so that a future HomePatrol Database update will incorporate your corrections.

A quality report will have a few common elements (and will result in corrections being made faster):
  1. Use specific system names, county names, zip codes, etc in your report. If we have to guess where you are or what you are talking about, it will slow down the process.
  2. Only submit information based on your actual experience. There are a lot of old frequency lists floating around on the internet...just because a list shows a channel doesn't make it so. When you report a channel, verify that you heard it in use, and tell us what you heard.
  3. Use clear, concise, and easy-to-read language. ALL UPPER CASE, Initial Upper Case For Every Word, all lower case, and continuous run on sentences that never have punctuation even where it needs it or really bad speling are gramar will really slow or stop the review of your submission. We aren't the grammar police, but the easier it is for us to understand a submission, the faster we can take action.
  4. If we provide a form, please use it. Once we get some history of the kinds of submissions we are getting, we'll make some standard forms to use (and will include them in this thread). Using a form will greatly speed up the process of verification and update.
  5. Be patient. It isn't unusual for RadioReference to have hundreds of submissions pending. It might take one or two update cycles for submissions to be processed.

Thanks for all your help in making HomePatrol-1 even better!
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