Garmin GPS 3 and Range Setting
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TOPIC: Garmin GPS 3 and Range Setting

Garmin GPS 3 and Range Setting 22 Jan 2011 14:38 #4643

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Just received the GPS cable for my HP and serial cable for my Garmin GPS 3 and everything seems to be working fine.
Headed out for a 1500 mile road trip in several weeks and looking forward to seeing how the HP and GPS work.

My question is what should I set the HP range to? I usually have the range set to 10 miles. I noticed when I hooked up the GPS that the range went to 0. Should I leave it at 0 when using the GPS?

Re:Garmin GPS 3 and Range Setting 22 Jan 2011 17:51 #4644

  • st-bob
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At a range of 0 miles you will not see the local frequencies pop up until you break the radius circle which encompasses the area it's supposed to cover. For example, if you're traveling from Worcester, MA to Springfield, MA along I-90 you'll got through Worcester, Auburn, Sturbridge, Brimfield etc. and as you travel into and out of the coverage areas they'll come and go from the HP-1 automatically. As you increase the range setting on the HP-1 you'll pick up the different coverage areas when you're still outside their intended radius of coverage all the way up to 30 miles beyond their borders.

Many areas do not yet have fully qualified geo-tags and therefor cover the whole county in which they're located. If you're in one of those areas you will find that many many frequencies are available that are probably outside the actual reception range of your HP-1. As this data gets updated by user contributions to the Radio Reference database, these issues will slowly go away as each update brings your HP-1 closer to its designed potential as an automatic system selection scanner using the GPS for position information.

I've just completed the Worcester County Massachusetts system locations and ranges but they have not yet shown up in the RR data as far as I can tell. Apparently they're pretty backed up with submissions. It'll take some time but eventually it'll work much more smoothly. As a safety backup for Uniden all the small communities originally had their ranges and locations set to the geographical center of the county and their ranges set to cover the entire county. This makes the unit select way too many frequencies in my opinion but it's better than not selecting them at all I guess.
Bob Peloquin - KB1VUA
RR db admin (Massachusetts), USA
Scanner/GPS/Ham Radio enthusiast
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