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Range Question 28 Sep 2011 14:33 #7666

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With the range setting being 0-30 miles, is there a common setting? I know systems are different everywhere, but does it do any harm in setting range at the full 30 versus 15, etc. When I am scanning my favorites, I have location off, but just curious.

I realize the larger the range, the more channels the scanner will have to go through.

Re:Range Question 28 Sep 2011 15:25 #7667

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You actually answered your own question when with your last sentence. BTW range doesn't matter except when using the Main Database. With your favorite, range doesn't matter as you have already made your selection of what you want to hear. You set the range for what want to hear so there is no common setting.
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Re:Range Question 28 Sep 2011 21:15 #7671

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The complete answer is "It depends." :)

If you click on "Blog" the top of this page, then go to (I think) page 4 of the blogs, you'll find an article called "Location, Location, Location" that describes the interaction between the range you set and the systems in the database.

When I am driving, I typically want the range set to 0 so that the scan list is restricted to only the nearest systems and departments. This keeps chatter to a minimum and maximizes the chance that any comms I do hear are actually relevent to where I am.

When I am at home or at the office, I might extend or reduce the range to increase or decrease the number of agencies I'm listening to. For example, if I am in the mood to only hear fire calls, I'll max out the range, and turn off all but the Fire Dispatch services.

So, it depends on your mood, your environment, and your mission for the day.
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