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TOPIC: ARC PATROL, V - 2.02 - Build 1 (Full Version)

ARC PATROL, V - 2.02 - Build 1 (Full Version) 11 Feb 2012 01:40 #8953

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Payed, downloaded, and "attempted" to install ARC PATROL, V - 2.02 - Build 1 (Full Version). Near the end of the "install" I got an "error pop-up screen" titled "FreeScan" that states that the file I was trying to use was on the FreeScan CD-ROM and to insert it (I have FreeScan installed but I don't believe I ever had a CD for the program). One of my options was "Cancel" so I clicked "Cancel". This started an endless loop, repeating the pop-up message and me repeating my choice of "Cancel". All normal "clickable" choices on the monitor were impervious to mouse clicks, and only the Task Manager was able to break me free.

I proceeded to uninstall FreeScan (completely) and tried again. The results were the same. I redownloaded, unzipped, and attempted a new install of ARC PATROL. Same results. After many attempts, for unknown reasons (I was in a bad mood), I hit the "cancel" as fast as I could, trying to get ahead of the loop. After about 15 clicks on the "Cancel" the loop broke, and the install continued in a normal manner to a successful conclusion.

Now, I have the ARC PATROL shortcut icon on my "desktop". When I click it, the above described endless loop returns. Now I go right to the "fast click" on the "Cancel" option. After 10-15 clicks the loop breaks and the program opens normally.

Now in the program I select "Read from HP-1". The pop-up error screen returns. Now, this time is a little different. I only need to click on "Cancel" one time and the program continues.

Well, it seems like I have discovered a workaround to what ever is happening. It is probably something to do with my computer and not the software. It would be nice to have all of this working properly.

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Re: ARC PATROL, V - 2.02 - Build 1 (Full Version) 11 Feb 2012 18:13 #8962

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Just send a note to Gommert at Butel and let him know what's going on. He'll be able to give you a fix for the problem. He wrote the software and will know what's causing FreeScan to interfere.


P.S. Although there are some others who do not care for the ARC software, I LOVE it and have for many, many years! I also like Gommert a lot - he has always been very responsive about problems and has given me immediate solutions for the (very few) times I've needed them.

Re: ARC PATROL, V - 2.02 - Build 1 (Full Version) 12 Feb 2012 11:58 #8973

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It looks like your Windows installer software is corrupt, I dont have the exact URL but Microsoft has a Installer fix utility or download and install a new copy of Windows Installer.


Re: ARC PATROL, V - 2.02 - Build 1 (Full Version) 12 Feb 2012 15:03 #8975

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Google "windows installer corrupt" - common problem...usually from a preceding install that went bad, like getting pointed at a non-existent CD when it was looking for an installation file (sound familiar?)
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Re: ARC PATROL, V - 2.02 - Build 1 (Full Version) 13 Feb 2012 15:36 #8988

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Did you try to uninstall it from safe mode, once or teice, that could help, it would be worth trying to see if that would clear this up, as these errors often happen, but never seem to go away !!!!
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Re: ARC PATROL, V - 2.02 - Build 1 (Full Version) 13 Feb 2012 15:53 #8989

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See if this helps:

How to check the version of your Windows Installer service
1.Click the Windows Start button, type msiexec.exe in the search edit box located at the bottom of the Start menu and press the Enter key.
2.This brings up the Windows Installer help window, in which the version number is displayed. You should have either version 4.5 or version 5.0.

If the Windows Installer help window doesn't show up at all, then it indicates that your Windows Installer service wasn't installed properly. Follow the steps below to re-install Windows Installer service.

Download and install the Windows Installer service from Microsoft:
1.Visit the Windows Installer download page ( ).
2.Make sure you read the Instructions section, located at the bottom of the download page, and download the right version for your Windows.
3.Run the installer to re-install Windows Installer service.

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