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Quick keys 20 Feb 2016 05:55 #16485

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Hi all,

Got the new 436HP today.....and I think my head is about to explode!

If I want to make favorites lists....lets say by county and I have 4 counties.....This might not be the ideal way but I'm experimenting so bear with me. So...I create a favorite list for each country with various LE and EMS in each list. So I want a quick key to assign to each county.....that way I can scan a specific county if I so desire...

BUT.....(here's where I get wrapped around the axle....or antenna as it were) If I want to scan all 4 as 1 big group and have a quick key to scan all of them.....I guess I don't understand the concepts....when I turn on the monitor for each in Sentinel does it scan all 4 or do I have to have a quick key for all 4.....can I scan just 1 with a quick key? Agggggggg I'm getting so confused that I can't even make the question make sense....

I hope someone can give me a gentle nudge or a kick in the rear to the way to set this up..... I'm drinking out of a firehose at this point and most of the water isn't getting swallowed.....


UPDATE: DOAH.....I figured it out after about 10 attempts of getting it wrong....I now know how Edison felt! LOL....
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