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TOPIC: Favorites selection question

Favorites selection question 22 Feb 2016 03:23 #16488

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Hey All,

I've been immersed for 3 days in learning my new 436HP....Wooo Hooo...It's finally starting to make sense.... As usual I have to get a new 'toy' in hand and learn by experimenting and usually breaking it at least once before I figure it out.....although I haven't broken the 436 as of yet....Ha...

Anyhow...I have a question on favorites...

So, I have several categories of favorites and I turned off the full DB when writing from Sentinel and I'm scanning my favorites only. I've figured out how to select which of the favorites I'd like to scan or not scan..... But...is there a way on the scanner itself (not using Sentinel) to disable a favorite, system, department, channel on a semi permanent basis and then activate it when needed?

I really don't want to have to do that manually every time I power up..... I'm sure I'm missing a concept or technique and just haven't picked up on what that is yet..... Being new to all this, if you don't know what a feature is called you don't know what to look for.....or try....

Thanks for any feedback and/or coaching.....


UPDATE: Well....there I go again..... It dawned on me that I was anticipating a problem before experiencing it....I'm so brain dead from all this 'study' of the new 'toy' that I only THOUGHT I had powered down after disabling one of my favorites.....So I shut down....pwered back up and as Gomer Pyle used to say.....SHEEE ZAAAAM....it came back up with the disabled favorite still disabled! Well DUH on me again....Sorry for all the false alarms folks.... But at least I'm on a good learning curve!
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