Siren.. iOS or Android or both?
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TOPIC: Siren.. iOS or Android or both?

Siren.. iOS or Android or both? 16 Nov 2013 22:11 #12757

I have to renew my phone contract pretty soon and I wanted to know if the software is available for iOS or android or both.

Excited about both the new radios!


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Re: Siren.. iOS or Android or both? 17 Nov 2013 05:56 #12763

  • John
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I would imagine both since that would make sense to have more users by having an app that works for either type

Re: Siren.. iOS or Android or both? 17 Nov 2013 07:59 #12765

All's good, I saw this in the manual:

Wi–Fi Dongle (BCD536HP Only) – With a WiFi app to connect your iPad/Android Tablet/ computer to remotely control the scanner.

Thanks Uniden!

Re: Siren.. iOS or Android or both? 22 Nov 2013 17:08 #12801

  • gonzalu
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In the announcement video, it shows the tablet version being a blown up version of the phone version. I really home the real estate on a tablet is put to better use than that :wink:

Re: Siren.. iOS or Android or both? 25 Mar 2014 21:39 #13533

  • scottydawg
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Hey Uniden guys! A version of this for Windows mobile phones would convince me to buy a 536!

Re: Siren.. iOS or Android or both? 09 Apr 2014 11:16 #13588

  • n1chu
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Vaporware! Where is the app? Ok. It's understood the app has been sidelined due to other issues that were given a higher priority. But com on, we should be seeing something more. The higher priority issues have been processed, corrective action is happening. So why aren't we seeing the app? The issues which are holding it up are not discussed but I find it difficult to understand what the holdup is when I own a camera I use for monitoring which allows me to monitor streaming video over the internet and make settings changes remotely. It's not like the technology isn't already in place. Doesn't UNIDEN do this with their cameras currently? At least let us monitor the progress of Uniden's endeavors, what is it that is causing the delayed release. Following the app's progression through its development would be kinda fun and help temper the frustration we are feeling.

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