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TOPIC: Bugfixes and requests

Bugfixes and requests 08 Jan 2014 23:58 #13111

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Paul/UPMan, I'd like to make these suggestions for improvement of x36 Sentinel...

- Default text on Edit Profile>Display Options>Opening Message includes the word "Barecat". Unless that's not a typo..

- On Edit Profile>Scan Selection>Monitor Search with Scan Options, the check box marked "Avoid" (which I have no idea what it does) has a box around it labeled "Sytem Option".

- Please consider spawning child windows such as Discovery Log Viewer, Activity Log Viewer (if it exists, see below), Profile Editor, and Favorites List Editor, in separate processes, so that the user can go back to the main program window and manipulate that at the same time.

- Remember the window positions of the above-mentioned four "child windows". Especially if they are maximized (or if the main window is maximized) - keep the "child windows" maximized. For some reason on both HP1 Sentinel and x36 Sentinel, even though the main window is maximized, all these other windows spawn the same size as the maximized window, but down and to the right a few dozen pixels, so that the top toolbar is displaced downward by its own height, and the whole window is displaced to the right about the width of the scrollbar ("leaking" on to my 2nd monitor)

- I notice that Activity Log Viewer is not present in the menu with "Discovery Log Viewer", like it is in HP1 Sentinel. I hope these new scanners include the ability to generate activity logs; if they do, please make sure we have the ability to import and view them :)

- I too like someone else said either here or on RR, would like to see all areas where a set of map coordinates can be entered, able to display a map (Google/Bing/whatever) window with the lat/long/range, and in places where you can modify said coordinates, be able to make those changes by clicking on the map to define a point & radius.

- "Trunk Discovery Mode" on both HP1 Sentinel and x36 Sentinel doesn't let you specify the system from within the Windows application - you have to create (or edit) the discovery session in Sentinel, send the data to the scanner, and then on the scanner, choose the system. It would be nice to be able to choose the system from within Sentinel.

- Please consider an additional mode of display for trunk talkgroups for Motorola Type II systems: "Native". This is the equivalent of "Decimal" divided by 16, and is the format that the actual systems use.

- It would be nice in places where there are resizable columns, i.e. when editing a Favorites list, if you can include a button to "auto-size" the columns to their optimal widths.

- "Location Control" isn't visible from within the profile editor as it is in HP1 Sentinel. I have found where you can set it in the favorites list itself, but it was a surprise to have to hunt for it.

- Again, someone else mentioned this - when adding something to a favorites list from the main DB using the "Append Favorites List" menu option, the list of DB entries and favorites snaps to the newly added favorite item. To someone building a favorites list who wants to add (append) multiple entries from the main DB, one after another, this behavior is annoying, as it requires them to scroll back to where they were in the main DB before continuing. Perhaps an option in the program's Tools>Options page could allow the program to either act as it does now, or persist in the main DB (stay focused on what was just appended to a FL).

- The right-click menu on the main screen (either the "tree diagram" on the left, or the system view on the right) has an option for "Collapse All", which collapses all the expanded entries in the tree diagram. Could we get an "Expand All" (at least for the favorites lists, or even the one selected when the command is invoked)?

- Lastly, it'd be nice if the program kept track of items you appended to FLs from within the main DB, and offered to keep them up-to-date when you updated the main DB. :)

Can't wait to get my 436!
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