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TOPIC: Todays Storms

Todays Storms 26 Oct 2010 12:27 #2363

  • John
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This morning the HP-1 weather alert woke me up in time for the storm that rolled through the entire state. Since then I have been listening to the police, fire, ambulances and road crews out on calls all over the county. I also notified one of the news stations of some of the damage and they flew over and used some footage of the first thing I told them about. That was a car wash that had the roof dumped onto US40 in Greenfield. Then when I drove through town the Med-Check walkin clinic thats right between an elementary school and the Hancock Regional Hospital had the roof destroyed but the school and hospital were untouched. And then there was a several mile stretch between N 600 E and the intersection of Ind 234 and Ind 109 that had a lot of damage with trees down on houses, a couple barns destroyed and at least one home destroyed. A tornado went through that same area 8 or 9 years ago as well. Amazingly there appears to be only one injury through this whole mess. It did bring back memories of the tornado that hit my place in May of 2008. I went to work that day and had 41 trees, came home and there was one left standing! I still haven't fixed everything from that. According to the news so far our county was hit the hardest in Indiana, but not near as bad as other places in other states. It does make some interesting listening though.

Re:Todays Storms 26 Oct 2010 15:21 #2369

  • joemo
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Good work! Widespread storm damage sends scanners into "beserk mode." Your storms made the news here on the East Coast before they even hit. Being called a "monster storm" here. As always, sorry to hear about all the losses.

Re:Todays Storms 26 Oct 2010 16:36 #2372

  • John
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Well things got more interesting this noon. One of the EMA people said he wished he had a camera and I called the office and told them I could go out and get some photos for them and they said that would be great. Definately strangeone structure surrounded and it gets destroyed and either no damage or light damage to the rest of the structures.
And while I was taking photos I ran into one of the NOAA people who said they wanted to get copies of the photos too. So it ended up being a busy day.

Re:Todays Storms 15 Apr 2011 20:26 #5644

  • Duke
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We had 12 Tornados in Wisconsin on Sunday evening April 10th.
This was a new state record for the most in one 24 hour period!
I run a 192 unit apartment complex in NE Wisconsin near Lake
WInnebago in Neenah. I knew we were in for it, but instead of
hiding in the bathroom like my tenants, I sat in my recliner,
with my south and west facing windows open with the blinds up
so I could watch for twisting clouds, and my patio door open
to hear anything "roar". I had my HP-1 sitting next to me on
the sidetable next to the recliner, monitorings about 6 counties
around me with about a 1000 channels active (I loaded most of the
important ones for sure). I also had my computer running on the
interactive map of, so I could follow the changing
conditions, and also was monitoring my 2 meter HT on the local
146.76 repeater, which is the "hub" that feeds Green Bay Weather
Bureau. I watched and listened to all the activity, and when one
of my tenants called me all worried, I was able to report that
given all the actively I was watching and monitoring, we would
miss or just miss problems. Sure enough, the closest tornado
apparently landed about 1 1/2 miles northeasterly of us, tracking
over Appleton, hitting Kaukauna on the east side. Another storm
just missed us from the west, hitting about 5 miles away. Many
people lost power as well as roofs, but not us...and my Home Patrol
just about jumped off the table, but I heard it all!

Re:Todays Storms 02 Nov 2011 21:18 #7989

  • BeverlyCaunca
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we made it out ok. had three tornadoes on the ground at one time here in lawrenceburg then i get to drive home to lincoln county through the debris. was talking to axehandle earlier today but haven't heard from him since.
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