2 nights, 2 major shootouts
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TOPIC: 2 nights, 2 major shootouts

2 nights, 2 major shootouts 24 Oct 2012 21:35 #10383

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The end of June was a wild 2 nights. On Thursday night a gunman went on a shooting spree in the tiny town of Pendleton In. Scanning as usual I here "officer down, shots fired". An Anderson police officer assisting Pendleton was shot as the two walked down an alley onn a disturbance call. SWAT teams from 3 counties as well as State Police ERT and many other officers and troopers descended on the town. For three hours or more ginfire was heard throughout the area. In the end, one civilian was killed by the gunman, one officer wounded and one police K9 killed when the dog refused to allow anyone near his wounded handler police had to shoot the dog.
The very next night, a Fortville officer who I know was stopping a guy for a taillight. The guy stopped, but the officer thought something was wrong so he was waiting for backup before procceding to the car. Suddenly the driver takes off. After a brief pursuit the suspect jumped from his car firing at the officer. The radio went silent. A county officer found the officer in the city of Lawrence and told county "officer down, get medics and expidite". The suspect had taken off. While other officers arrived to help the wounded officer other officers from Lawrence and Indy found the suspect. A gin battle ended with the suspect and his dog dead, a police officer wounded and a police K9 wounded. The suspect was a well known pot dealer. The Fortville officer was hit 6 times, one round going in his cheek and up into his forehead. He survived, and is actually on desk duty now! He hopes to be back on the road early next year! It's a miracle he's alive.
In such a quiet area these two incidents were a complete surprise, and fortunately both came out relatively well for those who protect and serve!
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