Centerfire Discone for the budget minded for HP-1
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TOPIC: Centerfire Discone for the budget minded for HP-1

Centerfire Discone for the budget minded for HP-1 15 Jun 2011 13:49 #6155

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I bought a 40" Centerfire Deluxe Discone scanner antenna off EBay for
$38 including S&H. Also, I bought a 60 degree tilt/swivel roof mast mount
off EBay for $14 including S&H. For the mast I used a 4' broom stick I had
lying around. I ran about 30' of RG-6 coax with F connectors on both ends.
BNC, F and SMA adapters were used where needed to complete the
connections. Also, I had a RS 15-1117 10Db coaxial in-line amplifier in
my parts inventory that I added to the coax run. Similar in-line pre-amps
can be found on EBay for about $17 with free S&H; just search for

I'm located in central Montgomery County, Md and I'm about 700' ASL.
I get great reception on the conventional FM VHF/UHF frequencies for fire,
public safety simulcast, marine and 2m, 1.25m & 70cm amateur repeaters. I can
hear down into southern Md, central Va, south central Pa and eastern WVA.
The higher frequency 800-900 Mhz digital trunked systems are spotty toward
the north and west due to the moisture content of the leaves of tall
woodland trees causing packet loss. However, where I have a clear line-of-sight
to the south and east, those frequencies come in rock solid.

So, for less than $70 (if I also had to buy the in-line amp) I have a decent
roof top scanner antenna setup that works just fine for me. Before spending
big bucks for some high priced scanner antenna try a simple discone with the
in-line 10Db pre-amp. You may be amazed how well that works.
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Re:Centerfire Discone for the budget minded for HP-1 15 Jun 2011 23:12 #6160

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Just goes to show you, a little experimentation goes
a long way...way to go. I may look into that myself.
I've built my own scanner antennas since I started in
ham radio 37 years ago. 73. DUKE, WB9OJD
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