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TOPIC: A CSP mystery

A CSP mystery 27 May 2011 06:55 #5995

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Here is the mystery I am facing with the new CSP rebanded frequencies.
Yesterday, I took every frequency that is in the latest (May 22) database under the categories "State Police" and "Connecticut State Police" (not sure why there are two categories), and copied them into a group called CSP. There are 72 of them, I think.
I made sure all the service types were checked, range set at maximum, squelch down, signal attenuation off, etc.
I listened.
Nothing happened.
I turned off the unit and later turned it on.
I listened again.
This time, the CSP was bubbling with activity from Troops G, L, A, F, I and H.
Wow! I said. Maybe it needed a "reboot" to recognize the new group.
So then, I took all the frequencies in my new, active CSP group, and copied them into a group I have used for months to monitor area towns' frequencies.
Not a peep could be heard from the state police frequencies copied to the new group!
I switched back to CSP to see if that group was still alive. It was, and very busy.
Back to my local group with the same frequencies added: Nothing!
What could be amiss?

Re:A CSP mystery 01 Jun 2011 09:23 #6050

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I don't have a definite answer for you...but If I were you....I'd delete all CSP Favorites, download the latest database, note, there was a 5/24 update after the 5/22..by now there's got to be a 5/29 update.
Click on the "Write to Scanner" (that was my big problem last week)
Recreate your CSP favorite and see what happens!
It can't hurt...might just work and it will help you kill time until UPMan chimes in with a definite answer.
I also wonder why there are two State Police catagories.
Other than that...don't you just love this thing!!
Good luck

Re:A CSP mystery 03 Jun 2011 06:36 #6067

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Hi Motorman
Many thanks for your thoughts.
Here's how I solved the problem — though I don't understand why it solved the problem.
Originally, I had a group of frequencies that included many locals, plus Troop G in Westport (I had weeded out other SP troops using ArcPatrol). This group worked fine until CSP rebanded. Then Troop G, of course, disappeared.
So I updated the database, downloading the new frequencies, and took all of the new SPD frequencies and copied them into my locals group. Theoretically, I should have been hearing the whole state; I heard nothing, as my previous post indicated.
Then it occurred to me that maybe if I went in the other direction — copying all the locals into a group that consisted of the new SPD frequencies, it might work.
So I created an SPD group — 72 frequencies, I think — and then copies my veteran local frequencies into that.
Bingo! It worked!
Why did it not work when I copied the new SPD into the locals group? All I can figure out is there must have been some old SPD frequency in there that screwed up how the receiver read the new channels. If I spent time with ArcPatrol and deleted old ones, I might have gotten it to work, but this is doing the job....
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