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TOPIC: HomePatrol

Re:HomePatrol 05 Oct 2010 13:55 #767

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I ordered mine from The Ham Station in Evansville very early in the morning on Oct 1st since they claimed "in stock and ready to ship." Sure enough my tracking email from USPS showed it arrived in my town in Georgia on Oct 4th, considering there was a weekend in between that seemed quite speedy! Just like the you-tube video shows, it was on-the-air and tracking most of my local systems within 15 minutes of arrival (I already had on hand a set of 2500 mah fully charged batteries and a BNC/SMA adapter so I could put it directly on one of my existing antennas. It is hearing some nearby vhf systems that I either didn't know of or had forgotten about because of my local TRS. The colour display is very, very nice and the weight, size and ease of programming tells me it is going into my briefcase on my first trip.
Yes, I took a chance sight-unseen based on reports from beta-testers and the reputation of Uniden. I was not disappointed. It would have been nice to have seen it first of course. And I remember when the Fry's location in Fishers was the Radio Shack Incredible Universe store that never worked out for that company. Surely Fry's will be carrying this unit or take the plunge with The Ham Station, they are nice people to deal with.

Re:HomePatrol 05 Oct 2010 16:17 #803

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Cool, another happy user! I think a lot of first looks are more like "Uh? whats this?" but after a few minutes and it's scanning and recieving that first look goes to "hey, this is neat!". Thats pretty much the way it was for me.

BTW, I get to Fry's way too often....lol They have way too many toys in that place! I'd need a bigger house too.
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