Metro Emergency Communications Agency (MECA)
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TOPIC: Metro Emergency Communications Agency (MECA)

Metro Emergency Communications Agency (MECA) 26 May 2011 13:42 #5986

  • batt260
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Is anyone having problems receiving channels from the MECA System? This system includes the Indianapolis Fire and Police departments. After talking with Uniden and Radio Reference I still cannot pick this system up.

Re:Metro Emergency Communications Agency (MECA) 26 May 2011 16:13 #5987

  • st-bob
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Indiana, Marion County, Metropolitan Emergency Communications Agency (MECA) has the following notice:
Misc System Information

If you are having issues receiving the system, see This article in the Wiki.

Users of the GRE PSR-500/600 scanners should use the following settings:
Multisite = OFF
Supertrack = ON
Additionally, using the ATTN setting = ON may assist in reception.

NAC = 261
So it would appear lots of people are having "issues" with this system. From my experience, P25 digital systems are harder to get than analog systems when there's any multi-path distortion. A directional antenna can help and even turning ON the attenuator can sometimes help.

The GRE digital scanner have some tweaks that can be done as do the more advanced Uniden digital scanners, but the HP-1 is non-adjustable. Maybe a future firmware update will help, but in the mean time you might try the suggestions in the link above and maybe a different, outdoor, more directional antenna.
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Re:Metro Emergency Communications Agency (MECA) 27 May 2011 09:55 #5998

  • batt260
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Thank you for the information. I have tried using an outdoor antenna but, no luck. The firehouse I work at is next door to the Communications Center and the scanner still would not pick up. When I called Uniden they tell me it is RadioReference problem yet RadioReference tells me it is a Uniden problem. I am thinking the best solution is to return the radio. :(

Re:Metro Emergency Communications Agency (MECA) 14 Jul 2011 11:55 #6319

  • John
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Your location isn't far from a tower and the issue is one that the signals going past the antenna and the power from the sites blocking other sites from getting through. MECA has issues with coverage as you well know. But the HP-1 has always outperformed on MECA for me whether I am in a surrounding county or in Marion County. The only area I have issue in Marion County is up in the 71st and Michigan area but with all the towers up there it's no surprise.....even subscriber radios have issues there.
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