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MECA 08 Sep 2011 17:24 #7375

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RR recently went and removed some of the "T" channels from MECA but I suggest you keep them as they ARE still active channels. Also note a few additions that are used to patch system 2 users to system 1, Been hearing these for a few weeks now and just realized tonight what they were used for, those ID's are
0023 INDYGO to System 1
0024 Probably IPL to System 1
On the above I have seen various patches to IMPD, IFD and various Marion county units. 0023 I have only heard IndyGo use to talk to dispatchers on System 1, usually wanting to know about traffic tieups or detours. On 0024 I am assuming that it's IPL as he told dispatch the pole was too long to make the turn. An IMPD dispatcher replied they would try to find him an alternate way down the street.
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