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TOPIC: Location Data in Missouri

Re:Location Data in Missouri 12 Oct 2010 19:53 #1423

  • Shell
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Hi John,

Yes, some systems (particularly the P25 trunked, or similar, with multiple talkgroups) frequently change things. But many, after they've updated their systems for 2013 compliancy, make few, if any, changes for years.

RR does a good job, considering the enormous number of updates, changes and geocodes they must change and add each day. But they need more input from us, the users, to make sure everything's correct.

RR's job is a HUGE one! Personally, I wouldn't want their job. Right now it has to feel as though it's virtually never ending! (Technically, it is...) And frankly, they don't get enough credit for all they're doing - and Paul (UPMan)...well he doesn't either. I often wonder if he ever sleeps or has a life of his own. Whew!


Re:Location Data in Missouri 12 Oct 2010 20:35 #1424

  • Conrad314
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When I purchased my home patrol I looked into the Missouri area and not one city around KC had any location data besides the county default range. So I started submitting data like crazy to get the most out of my new location based scanner.

My intend was to get help from locals (users) with updating the RRDB, not to discourage the purchase of the HP-1. I personally love how easy it is to use and it's now my main travel scanner.

As for the RRDB, it's looking great! Thanks to UPMan, MikeOxlong, Starcom21 and fast2okc!!! These folks spent plenty of time updating my submissions and even catching errors I've made. These guys cannot get enough applause!

Now looking forward to updates to the public works geotags. Heading into winter I personally enjoy listening to the local plows.

Re:Location Data in Missouri 12 Oct 2010 22:23 #1432

  • John
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Yeah, and I bet Pauls guitars are getting lonely too :(

Re:Location Data in Missouri 13 Oct 2010 10:47 #1445

  • UPMan
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They are gently weeping.
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