New to HP-1 and loving it
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TOPIC: New to HP-1 and loving it

New to HP-1 and loving it 22 Oct 2010 16:56 #2190

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I've been using the new HP-1 Scanner now for about a week and am very impressed with it. I've been a "scanner geek" for about 40 years now. This is my second trunking capable radio, my first being a Bearcat 780XLT. I found trunking to be difficult to understand and at that time lived in an area with conventional radios, so after a while I sold the 780.

The HP-1 for me solves the problem of being an old dog who doesn't want to learn new tricks. Yes in it's current form it has some limitations, but I prefer to focus on the exciting NEW FEATURES the HP-1 brings to the hobby. I also suspect most of the users who would prefer more advanced features also own multiple scanners, other radios that can address those needs. I for one don't want to use the HP-1 to follow amateur radio, I'm using my HT for that. I'm also using a Icom R2 to monitor County Fire Dispatch, then I can switch the HP-1 to the fire channels if something happens that id like to listen too. I use a Pro-2006 dedicated to my aviation monitoring. This leaves the HP-1 to monitor the VIPER System and to use as my too to study and learn trunking.

Being often accused of being an Apple Fanboy, I must say the HP-1 reminds me of a Steve Jobs product. It's visionary, groundbreaking, takes the hobby in a new direction and LEAVES YOU WANTING MORE!!

I for one am very impressed with it and consider it a great new tool for the monitoring hobby. I'd also like to THANK the people who give of their time to provide and maintain the database on RR that make our hobby possible!!

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