23224 is Richmond CITY (not county)
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TOPIC: 23224 is Richmond CITY (not county)

Re:23224 is Richmond CITY (not county) 08 Nov 2010 14:07 #2886

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Thanks for replies trying to help. Using USPS.com and phoning USPS, the zip codes within the City of Richmond, Virginia include 23219 through 23238 (although accurately, some are NOT in city, but neighboring Chesterfield or Henrico Counties), while zip code in Richmond COUNTY, Virginia is 22109 (about 40 miles to North-East of Richmond City). If HomePatrol-1 is to easily allow customer to hear radio traffic of local Fire, Police, etc. by inputing zip code, then please help arrange for those zip codes to coordinate with appropriate radio frequencies. Using your on-line demo, 23219 and 23225 also displayed only Richmond County (I did not try all zip codes of Richmond City).

Re:23224 is Richmond CITY (not county) 08 Nov 2010 17:05 #2898

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The file we get has zip code, latitude, longitude (not county...it just uses the geographic coordinates). We'll need to get a corrected base data file in order to ensure this and any other discrepancies are taken care of.
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