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TOPIC: USB Not Connecting

USB Not Connecting 06 Aug 2011 09:22 #6726

  • dwfindley
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I am a Mac User running Sentinel under Parallels. I connected to my HomePatrol a week ago but today I can see the USB with HomePatrol designation but it still will not see the HomePatrol --- I am getting Preset on launching Sentinel. I have seen this before but I forget how it got solved. If anyone is running Parallels and can help me I would appreciate the help. Shouldn't the top line show the HomePatrol Serial #?

I have restarted Windows XP, restarted the MacAir, and restarted HomePatrol. I have safely removed the USB and reconnected but no avail. I think I have tried everything but one. That is I have not figured out how to remove the USB configuration to HomePatrol and then reconfigure it. Any help. Please.

On additional item is that I am running Lion OS and my Parallels is up-to-date.
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Re:USB Not Connecting 03 Sep 2011 14:14 #7259

  • fritza
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I am having this problem, too. I know the combination of hardware and software is tricky, but I am really hoping this is just some sort of Windows problem. I also hope that the original poster remembered what he did earlier to fix this.

Please help. I'd really like to upgrade to Extreme, and the radio's value is eroding while I can't update its database.

I had successfully connected my HP1 to Sentinel 1 before.

I downloaded and installed Sentinel 2.01.

I plugged my HP1 into my computer. The HP screen went white and two ascending tones came from the Windows machine. Parallels showed "HomePatrol-1 MSC" as plugged in.

The HP-1 does not show up as a USB drive, which I understand it should.

When I start Sentinel 2.01, and select HomePatrol > Read from HomePatrol..., the device browser is empty.

Parallels/Mac interactions:

The Mac mounts the HP-1 as a drive named "NO NAME". It's not possible to keep it ejected from the Finder, but
sudo diskutil unmount /Volumes/NO\ NAME
did eject it permanently. Ejected or not, Parallels did not see the drive.

When you plug a USB device while running Parallels, it pops up a panel to direct the device to Mac OS or Windows. I chose Windows, and checked the box to make the choice permanent. This did not affect the problem.

I've succeeded in connecting devices (Kenwood transceivers) through a virtual serial port and a USB serial port, recently.

My earlier success with my HP-1 was before the Lion upgrade.

HP Sentinel 2.01
Windows XP (all updates)
Parallels Desktop 6.0.12094 (latest available)
Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1

Re:USB Not Connecting 03 Sep 2011 14:44 #7260

  • fritza
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And I found the solution. See:

for a way to kick Parallels into recognizing the device. I understand you have to do this once for every boot of Lion.

-- F

Re:USB Not Connecting 06 Sep 2011 16:14 #7326

  • John
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As for seeing the HP in Sentinel, the only way you will see it is if you upload or download from one or the other. You should however see the HP in Explorer and it should come up in a list of drives.
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