HP1 experience, good/bad?
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TOPIC: HP1 experience, good/bad?

HP1 experience, good/bad? 28 Feb 2011 20:01 #5110

  • tramagod
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I bought an HP 1 and took delivery on Jan 25. My out of thr box experience was nothing less than phenominal. I love the ease of set-up and updating via the software, nothing but positive. Five days later, it layed down on me. It scanned normally showing all my local systems, but it just wasn't recieving. I contacted scanner master and they took it back and sent me a new one. I've had it back a few weeks now and so far, so good. But I have to admit I'm feeling a littel snake-bit. I want to go ahead and buy the GPS set-up and accessories, but I'm afraid to invest more money in something that could crash again at te drop of a hat. What is your experience with the HP 1?
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Re:HP1 experience, good/bad? 28 Feb 2011 20:31 #5111

  • Duke
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Been running my HP since December, and have had no problems.
I have also purchased the GPS puck from Bearcat Warehouse
for the unit, along with all the necessary cables, etc.
I've been waiting for six weeks now for the HP mobile bracket.
As soon as that comes, I'll mount it in my car, using the
GPS. MANY guys report the GPS system really works good.
Sorry to hear about your problems, but a few units have been
reported in this blog as being "lemons", but the various
stores seem to stand behind the warranty and take them back.
Forge ahead, and don't look back!

Re:HP1 experience, good/bad? 28 Feb 2011 21:56 #5115

  • mciupa
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Had mine since October and it has performed flawlessly. I take it outside in the frigid Canadian weather and use it in the house as well.

The rechargable batteries are great. I've only run them down three times. Generally, I'll scan for 30 to 60 min on battery power outside.

The only time I had a concern was when I was "tooling around' with some Sentinel settings and wiped out my profile accidentally. That was an easy fix to get everything back up to speed.

Re:HP1 experience, good/bad? 01 Mar 2011 06:42 #5116

  • mass-man
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Had mine since the first of the year...my Christmas present to myself. It has done all it is advertised to do, and does it very well. No problems at all. Did a GPS thing with a GARMIN Etrex and just amazed at how it works on the road. Pondering if I should get a second one!!!
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