Best services to monitor on a road trip?
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TOPIC: Best services to monitor on a road trip?

Re: Best services to monitor on a road trip? 20 Oct 2013 12:19 #12637

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Just retunred to SE Ohio from SC via 77 (btw little construction ). I use my normal service types which is all law and all fire types and all ems types. Sometimes it loads some crap, sometimes it scans too much.

I'll never hear anything - but then you are only in an area for a few minutes.

- I do use a GPS.

I was at the OBX for a week, had created favorites - but was actually better using the entire DB - relatively quite area.

Best Services To Monitor On A Road Trip? 20 Oct 2013 14:29 #12638

  • Jim1348
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FPO701 wrote:
.....Thoughts? What's everyone prefer on the long drive?.....
Well, since you asked, it depends on whether I am alone or the family is with. We have made the trek from suburban Minneapolis-Saint Paul MN to suburban Milwaukee WI area a number of times over the years. I have used a Yaesu FT-8800 dual band VHF/UHF amateur radio transceiver in the past with the various banks configured with one bank per county. Typically, I would have one side scanning mutual aid and the other side scanning police, fire, EMS, etc.

However, my wife especially, does not like a lot of radio traffic in the vehicle, which is sort of ironic since she is also an amateur radio operator! Anyway, the compromise for some trips has been to monitor only the State Patrol main for whatever area we are in. The benefit of monitoring just one channel is that pretty much anything related to the highway we are on will be broadcast if it is important enough. If there is a car fire, the State Patrol will announce it. If the local sheriff's office has a pursuit, the State Patrol will announce it and so forth.

I know this method sort of conflicts with many scanner listeners. Some want to be able to hear absolutely everything they possibly can all of the time. While that sort of enthusiasm is admirable, I have sort of found it to be counter-productive. The reason I say that is because if you are hearing a lot of radio traffic from the large city two counties away, you are probably missing some of the stuff happening near you.

Anyway, with regards to the question posed in your title, you might want to consider just the state police/highway patrol for a road trip. I know that has worked for me anyway.

Re: Best services to monitor on a road trip? 20 Oct 2013 15:05 #12639

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Just goes to show, you have to experiment to find out what works for you.
I find it easier to monitor what I have set up, and GPS it, but others find
favorite lists or limited services. I have to agree, using a GPS with normal
selections can get very busy, and you hear "pieces" of conversations.
Maybe if traveling in one area a lot, favorites is the answer. For occasional
travel in an area, maybe GPS with normal or selected services.
What is really nice about the HP is that you can select BEFORE you drive,
and let it rip, so to speak. Changes? A couple of buttons. No big deal.

Re: Best services to monitor on a road trip? 13 Apr 2015 02:07 #15256

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Hi Frank,

I wrote a post regarding this on my site listed below. I take my Home Patrol whenever I travel. No reprogramming or software hassles to deal with. Just search your smart phone for the local zip code, and you are off and running! I never travel without mine.

I would definitely check out local law enforcement and fire comms. It can be interesting to note the different ways calls are dispatched in different places. Also, do not forget aircraft communications, especially if you are close to a local municipal, international, or military base. If you are near a military base, do not forget about the base communications. If you are traveling in a place with a subway or rail system, this can be interesting at times. If the destination is near water, I definitely check out the VHF maritime channels. And these are just a few ideas!

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