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TOPIC: help again

help again 02 Jul 2013 15:09 #12132

  • revreid
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its me again. could anyone reccomend a good antenna-to replace the rubber one? some places come in good ,but others of equal distance,nothing. i just want a small one to hook to the scanner. thanks

Re: help again 02 Jul 2013 17:45 #12135

  • WarriorForJesus
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My brother, most people on here will tell you to get an outdoor antenna, trust me. I know that this solution is not always possible or feasible. I have considered this alternative, but I move the unit from room to room and an outdoor antenna is not the solution for me. I don't think that my wife would be happy with antenna wires being routed all through the house. If you had one spot in your house where you always listen to the scanner the outdoor antenna would be the way to go. From what I have researched, a dipole antenna is a good choice for multiple frequencies. I'm not a scannerhead, so someone else would have to provide you with more info on antennas. I understand that it depends on what freqs you want/need to listen to, etc, etc.

I have found a few back-of-set antennas in my search for something different. I have not purchased any of them, so I can't vouch for any of them. You may also get good results from a mobile antenna stuck on a piece of metal outside a window or on a porch or even inside on a metal file cabinet or something.



Mobile antenna: www.scannermaster.com/SpectrumForce_Wideband_Antenna_with_SMA_p/01-541327.htm

These antennas all have the SMA connecter which is required for the HP-1.

Again, I am sure that someone else will chime in here. But, I repeat myself, they will suggest an outdoor antenna is the way to go.

Re: help again 27 Sep 2013 02:22 #12548

  • Duke
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Oh, heck...build something! I made my antenna outside out of #12 enamel wire with 3 dipoles for UHF, VHF and Lo-VHF bands and stuck all of it into a PCV pipe, and ran coax out of it. Only thing that I could have made better is to run a matching "transformer" cable wrap to make it run better. 75 ohm TV coax works well for a scanner, so use that. I use TV connectors, and when I arrive at my scanner, use a RCA to BNC adaptor, and then right angle BNC to a Home Patrol adaptation. Works good. Hear a lot. I believe I'll build a UHF beam, as my area has gone Trunked recently, and I get some signal break up on some cities. Try it, you'll like it Duke, WB9OJD
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