Washington database updated at radioresource today
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TOPIC: Washington database updated at radioresource today

Re:Here's Kennewick WA talk groups current. 20 Oct 2010 00:12 #1965

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1: probably posted in the wrong forum if you want data added to the database, may want to try radioreference and use the SUBMIT button, you do need to be logged in though to that. Or submit here in the appropriate forum above for radio data.

2: Data dispatch channel? What exactly is that channel used for? It makes no sense and will be ignored by the admins most likely, or added with the DATA tag and then the HP-1 won't get it as data tagged channels are NOT downloaded to the Uniden Sentinel DB

3: don't bother submitting blank channels, they will be ignored.... no exceptions to that one.

4: 581 - metro what? again, cryptic names mean nothing - how would you want to see it tagged in the HP-1 display?

5: OK, 872 - BC Jail, is this Benton Co or Beavis County? Admins can't guess.

6: 741-744 info needs to be added to the wiki page for the system, that YOU can do by signing in and adding it.

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